All this talk about Los Angeles getting a football team again really makes me a little mad.  I understand that they are one of the biggest cities in the United States.  I do realize that and I get it when people say that they deserve a football team because of that but I don't think that's a good reason to have a football team.

The fact of the matter is that they had a two teams and lost them because they wouldn't support them.  If that means paying a little higher taxes so that they can get a new stadium, then so be it.  The Raiders moved back to Oakland and the Rams to St. Louis for this reason and I don't blame them.

The thing that really upsets me though is that California already has three professional NFL teams, the Oakland Raiders, the San Diego Chargers, and the San Fransisco 49ers.  Fans of the old L.A. teams can just root for their old teams, or even choose a new one if they like in the other two that have been in Cali forever.  San Diego knows how to support their team as well as San Fransisco.

I know there are plenty of displaced fans in L.A. but the thing is that there are plenty of other people across this great nation that would love to have a team in their hometown.  For example I'm sure places like Salt Lake City UT, Portland OR, Birmingham AL, or even Louisville KY would love to have a team of their own.  If the NFL could find owners to put a team in two of the four cities the NFL would have 34 teams.  That would give one team to each of the AFC and NFC.  I would suggest one in the West and one in the South.  Personally if I were to choose the two cities I would choose Portland and Birmingham because I think that these cities are starving for a team.  We all know that Alabama is known for football, and Portland I believe has been talked about before.  I would put the Portland team in the NFC West, and the Birmingham team in the AFC South.  But I do think that more teams should be added at a later time to even up the divisions.  I don't think that they should do more than 40.  But I digress.

NFL, please don't make the mistake of putting another team in L.A.  It is a waste of money, time, and effort just to have the team move again in another 15 years or so.  Give some other cities and states a chance to show their support for an NFL team.